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Sabrina Patchwork Kaftan


Crafted from vintage fabric, our Sabrina Patchwork Kaftan is a unique Maxi dress featuring individual fabric cuts sewn together for a stunning patchwork design. The dress boasts a Double V neckline, empire waist, and long sleeves that create a beautiful shape. With 8 yards of fabric, this dress offers a flowy and sophisticated look. 

ONE OF A KIND * we will be making more and if you are interested can make it in your size   Note: each dress will have different prints, colors etc.  Each is unique 

Our Process

Jacqueline has had a passion for vintage sourcing since the age of 12. As she started her business this passion translated into her inspiration for her prints and silhouettes, leading her to designing exclusive prints which are digitally printed on silk, viscose and cotton.

Prints are developed from her vintage archive and during visits to flea markets around the world. Colors are selected by pure intuition and impulse creating sophisticated yet playful prints.

Jacqueline says “ Creating our own prints allows Jaline to be a one of a kind, similar to a vintage piece, unique and special. ”

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