Jaline is an eco-conscious fashion company offering made-to-order clothing for today’s women. Made-to-order means that we produce less and conserve more, operating with an environmentally-friendly business model that also prioritizes customer choice.

Timing: 1-2 weeks


We offer modifications of existing designs at no additional fees. You can modify the hem of a pant, length of the dress and sleeves or add a snap. This allows us to tailor our designs to accommodate Tall or Petite sizes at the same price.

To request a modification, contact me at to provide exact measurements and requests, and we will cut and sew the piece to your specifications. 

Timing: 2-3 weeks


More impactful changes to the designs are also possible, such as making changes to the neckline, rise, or proportion of a silhouette. For example, a dress with the top in a size small, and the bottom in a medium, which includes adjusting hip, waist sizing, and side opening.   As these type of changes require a change to the pattern, there is an up-charge of 10-20% depending on the amount of customization. 

At Jaline, our made-to-order customizable clothing model was built around our belief that all women, shapes and styles deserve to be celebrated. Our clothing is designed to accommodate a range of styles and personalities.

Contact us at to discuss how to make our designs into your dream dress. 

Timing: 2-4 weeks 

Custom One-of-a-Kind

We can work with you to create a true one of a kind piece. For Custom pieces, we offer a range of services, from fabric sourcing to creating a one of a kind silhouette. Working hand in hand with the designer, Jacqueline, we look for special fabrics, colors, trimmings for your piece. Jacqueline's passion lies in all things Vintage, so we can also source unique vintage fabrics from Italy, Mexico or Spain.

We love being able to make one of a kind pieces for you.  An additional service is also creating a pattern of a shape you love and it would be exclusively for you.  We can then apply the fabric you desire.  Please send us an email to discuss the fee for this service. 

We are a driving force in the movement to push fashion into a less wasteful space. We operate with a slow fashion model, which means that we only produce what is ordered and that our clothing goes into a home, not a stockroom.
Timing: 2-4 weeks
Modifications, Customization & One-of-a-Kind Custom are not refundable
Please email us for more information
Custom Fitting
If you are within NY, perhaps schedule an appoint for a fitting consultation. 

Address: 162 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019 (By Appointment Only)