Our Mission

From handcrafted fabrics and creations to environmentally conscious processes, we recognize the importance of quality over quantity, and the value of slow living.

Creative Director, Jacqueline Lopez

The idea for Jaline came about when I was living in Mexico several years ago. Intrigued by the beautiful textiles of Oaxaca, I sought to learn more about the techniques and hoped to create a modern yet feminine beachwear collection. When I finally traveled to Oaxaca, I set out to discover the unique hand-weaving craft. Many of these textiles were made on simple handmade upright wooden looms. Meeting and speaking with the artisans, I was struck by the dedication and pride that they took in their work. Within these traditional techniques and the openness of the artisans, I saw an opportunity to create something together with them—a collection that showcased their work, embedded in a long history of textiles in this region.

From this initial collection, I wanted to expand the offering to provide the Jaline woman timeless dresses that transition easily from beach to city, from day to night. Drawing from my passion for vintage I sought inspiration for my prints in magazines, objects and jewelry from the world over whose beauty has stood the test of time.

Jacqueline Lopez Creative Director Jaline

Our Values

Craftmanship All of our pieces are made by hand. Our handwoven Beachwear and Table top collections are crafted by a family of local artisans in Oaxaca who carry on traditional weaving techniques. Our one of a kind silk prints are ideated and brought to life into dresses by seamstresses here in New York City.

Sustainability Every step of our process is designed to reduce waste and put our environment first. We start by using locally sourced cotton, and weave our beachware on traditional footlooms. Our prints are created digitally to reduce water waste. All of our pieces are made to order so we don't carry inventory and reduce waste.

Timeless Style We like our fashion slow and timeless. Dresses that are chic and stand the test of time.

Our Process

Inspiration My passion for vintage brings me to explore markets, magazines, books in search of items whose unique beauty catches my eye. For each collection I pull these pieces and images together into a theme and moodboard that drives the creative process.

Handwoven Beachwear Crafted from 100% locally sourced cotton, our beachwear is handwoven by female artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. It can take anywhere from 4-7 hours to complete just one garment. Read more about our Handwoven Process and our Artisans.

Silk Prints Each season we create original prints, inspired by books, travel, and vintage clothing. Our designs are digitally printed, which drastically reduces water and toxic waste compared to other printing techniques. We optimize our production and give the greatest value to our fabrics to avoid waste.