Jaline Resort

Macrame Napkin Rings Set of 4


Our napkin rings are hand-crochet and then natural cotton yarn is aligned and cut together to the desired length.  Then our artisans hand knot creating a beautiful macrame design.   The process takes up to 7-8 hours to complete. 

Napkins rings are sold in sets of 4

The patterns are exclusively made for Jaline 

Color:  Ecru or Black

Size:  Ring is 2.5 X 2.5 and Macrame 5 x 5 inches 

Fabric Content: 100% Cotton 

Care: Dry Clean  Fringe can be lightly combed to smooth 

Made in Mexico 

Our Process

Made in Oaxaca, Mexico our Homeware collection is made from locally sourced cotton, handwoven on foot looms. We wanted to create something truly special, therefore our tablecloths are finished with a hand stitch, and the panels are hand crocheted together. This time intensive detail gives a unique finish and aesthetic. Each piece of the homeware collection is imbued with handcrafted details, and we invest thhe time to give each element the opportunity to draw our eye in. Tablecloths can take up to six days to complete, while each of our napkins and cushions take a full days work. The delicate weaving of our napkin rings takes two days from start to finish.

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