The Making

Jacqueline’s mission is to inspire the consumer to value process and craft and to ask where and why something is made. She is continually inspired by the women who make the handwoven textiles for the brand, they are inspired by her too, and it is a true partnership.

It takes three days to set up the warp on the loom and approximately one to two weeks to weave 30 yards of material. Every time by color and design. After the weaving is completed, the products are sewn and finished at the New York workshop. Each of our hand woven products from Mexico takes around 2 to 3 weeks to complete.

Jacqueline's dream is to continue to support slow production. She believes in quality over quantity. Even though the silks are not hand made, they are sewn by talented seamstresses. Each pattern is overseen by one woman. Jacqueline knows exactly who made each piece.

Mexico gave Jacqueline the courage to create Jaline and has taught her the value of the slower process of life. What else could you ask for.

Photography: Hugo Francisco Caro Olvera