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Montauk Tote Bag


 With two large inside pockets, the Montauk tote bag is fully reversible. It's the perfect depth and width for any beach day necessities, big enough for a towel, a book, some snacks and other small accessories. Extremely lightweight this bag is effortless to carry. The Montauk tote is perfect for tanning on the beach, picking up fresh produce at the farmers market, or a day of much needed retail therapy.

All textiles in this piece are hand loomed by women artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico on a pedal loom.

 Our pieces are majority made to order ensuring that no fabric is wasted and energy is conserved. Once the order is placed we will notify you when it has been made and is shipped out (Approximately 2-3 weeks). Customizations

Look behind the scenes with our female artisans.


20.5'' wide x 23'' high x 13'' deep, 14.5'' handle drop

Outer layer is hand-loomed with 100% sustainably sourced cotton.
Inner layer is made out of 100% recycled denim.

Handwoven Beachwear

Our Process

Our process:  Our textiles are woven on wooden Foot Looms (also known as Pedal Looms) by women artisans.

These loom designs are centuries old and require no electricity. This multi-step weaving process is time-consuming, complex, and incredibly interesting. Weaving is the process of making cloth/textiles by interlacing threads perpendicular to each other. Our foot looms are made locally in Oaxaca by skilled carpenters recycling wood and bicycle parts.

These looms, while manual, are complicated machines with many moving parts. Foot looms hold the threads a person weaves. They stretch out one set of threads, the “warp,” parallel on the loom. Another thread, the “weft,” goes over and under the warp threads, back and forth, again and again, to create woven fabric. The foot pedals called “treadles” open and close the “sheds” (the temporary separations in the warp) by raising and lowering the harness. 

The wide variety of fabrics, patterns, and designs that Jaline artisans can create are a result of generations of artistry passed on from parent to child. Not only is this a valuable skill, but the process of weaving is a true art form. It is our goal at Jaline to honor and preserve this ancient art and celebrate it for its beauty and heritage.

Woman working with loom

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Handwoven Beachwear

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