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Charmie Floral Maxi Dress


The Charmie is unmatched in artistry and versatility. The top is handwoven from Oaxacan Artisans and the skirt is silk. With a plunging neckline, a zipper up the back and an A-line skirt this dress is great for the Jaline woman, classic looks with a side of cutting edge. Throw on some pumps, bracelets and statement earrings with Charmie and you are good to go. Dazzle them all!

 Our pieces are majority made to order ensuring that no fabric is wasted and energy is conserved. Once the order is placed we will notify you when it has been made and is shipped out (Approximately 2-3 weeks). Customizations

Look behind the scenes with our female artisans. 

Fits true to size.
Refer to Size Chart.

The Skirt is made from 100% sustainably sourced silk while the Top is hand-loomed with 100% sustainably sourced cotton.
Dry clean only.

Our Process

Jacqueline has had a passion for vintage sourcing since the age of 12. As she started her business this passion translated into her inspiration for her prints and silhouettes, leading her to designing exclusive prints which are digitally printed on silk, viscose and cotton.

Prints are developed from her vintage archive and during visits to flea markets around the world. Colors are selected by pure intuition and impulse creating sophisticated yet playful prints.

Jacqueline says “ Creating our own prints allows Jaline to be a one of a kind, similar to a vintage piece, unique and special. ”

Jaline Resort Exclusive Prints

The Exclusive Print Collection

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