Jaline, an expressive fashion label, rediscovers vibrant artisan aesthetics with a sophisticated yet relaxed collection of beautifully crafted, ready-to-wear outfits.

Jaline was created by Jacqueline Lopez while living in Mexico City in 2011. She was inspired by their vibrant use of colors and the cultural values of the indigenous women, specifically in Oaxaca. She formed an atelier with a small group of women who hand loom using an upright pedal loom, a tradition dating back to 500 BC. Jacqueline became passionate about maintaining the traditional textile processes by learning local techniques and incorporating them with contemporary design. She continually tests ideas with these artists to fulfill her beachwear collection.

Her love for vintage expanded into a ready-to-wear caftan resort wear collection focusing on exclusively designed prints and soft fabrications. The prints are created by Jacqueline and can only be found at Jaline. Both the ready-to-wear collection and handwoven collection have the ability to transition from day into evening wear. Each piece exudes a modern romance while also paying tribute to intricate hand craftsmanship.

Jacqueline by Sally Griffiths


Video credit: Alison Claire Peck